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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Database Schema

Hello All-

About recent progress made on the site. I have been inspired to write the frontend competely in CSS abstracting the UI from the content, which should actualy help me, I can just focus on the site mechanics and let somone else CSS it all. The majority of work though has been the defination of the Photo, Person, and Bond schemas. When theres more progress I will be sure to post them. The other part is the T-SQL script to create the database. I perfer writing the entire script by hand and then executeing it. Seems to have more control and it's eaiser for me to create new nodes in a cluster as well. When these are a little more hammered out I will be posting them for public review (if anyone even looks at it), after which I will begin writing the object model. One thing that I have determaned is though we can use the ASP.NET authentication manager, and perhaps a modified role manager, the profile management isnt going to be sufficiant for this sites demands. It's a wonderful peace of design and is beyond elegent in the declaritive storage system, but alas, it doesn't seem to be what I need for this complex database design.

I will keep you posted



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