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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Front end UI

Hello All-

I had receved some questions as to the front end of the platform. Alas, I beleve that the original MySpace is an excelent example of how poorly ColdFusion can perform. The platform that is planed to be ASP.NET. Yes, yes, SQL Server 2005, ASP.NET, IIS 6.0, sounds like the Windows Server Platform eh? We even planed on using ADAM until we realized that NO ONE wanted to learn that for this project. I am working on drafts of a few XML schemas that I hope that you will all review, examples being CommentML and IdentityML. IdentityML serves to be a general purpose markup for anynomous and registered users of other sites, much like OpenID... in fact, we would like to implament both an OpenID server and consumer. IdentityML will contain an Identity element with at least one proof, even if it be an anynomous proof with a logged IP. The proofs that we will be implamenting should be a IDMLverify open standards web service, an OpenID proof, a .NET passport proof, an anynomous proof, and perhaps others.

CommentML is just general purpose makup for leaving comments on photos, people, blogs, and so on. Should be able to contain XHTML and SimpleTextML, a reformated XHTML implamentation, complete with XSLT and XQuery translations to XHTML. It's just a simple version of XHTML for the end user.


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