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Friday, November 18, 2005

AJAX, Atlas and the Lion King

Hello All-

So your probably not all interested in The Lion King part of the title, but I went and saw it last night, (yes there here in Spokane) and was greatly impressed.

Anyway, this morning I've been lazily studing Atlas, a AJAX technology from ASP.NET. I really wish the development was a bit furthur along, because I've had a great idea. With a combonation of XML datatypes in SQL 2005, and XSLT transforms, most of the hard work can be done on the browser instead of the server. This also lends to the hope that comment posts, etc can be done without a postback! The goal is to make a postback something that is done only when one navigates to a different page. The web service infrastructre will also lend to the possible development of a WinForms client app... (Go XAML!)

The Atlas code is very interesting, mainly because I am a old C++ developer that moved to C# as it was in beta, so any language without namespaces, inharitance, classes, abstracts, and virtuals just seems... wrong. Although JScript is still not strongly typed, its a step in the right direction. The thing I dont know too much about is M$'s declaritive XMLScript... I've often thought that you could implament script as an XML document, and I suppose they can... and have! I'm excited to see more documentation about this all, just wish it were done! I'm rooting for you Atlas teem!!!


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