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Friday, June 30, 2006

Long time, little progress...

Greatings All!

So it has been a very VERY long time sense I put anything here, and frankly had forgotten about it for the most part. Tonight I was spured to update you all on what on earth is happening with MySpaceNG, if is still exists, and so on.

The down and dirty...

Yes, I am still working on it.
No, it's nowhere neer complete.
Yes, I am making LOTS of progress, my friends will understand when I say I havn't been able to work on this for the past 4 months
Yes, I plan to open betas in 2 months or less
Yes, I would like some help

Basicly, I had some personal issues distracting me for the past four months... and have gotten back into the grove with this in the past two weeks. I spent a lot of the past few months considering how to implament this entire thing. The archatecture is supposed to be perfect... and elegent. The reason that I am slaving months on the planning phase is because the top items on my list for this project were stability and extensibility.

Tonight I worked on the types:


Yes, I am building the Authentication system from SCRATCH... replacing FormsAuthentication with what I declare to be, a superiour, leaner, cleaner system.

More to come, more often too!


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